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Krystal Resort Cancun Reveals Top Three Travel Safety Tips for Scam Prevention in 2015

Scam Warning sign for travelers in 2015

Krystal Resort Cancun prides itself on offering top security for their guests to help them enjoy their vacations

The Krystal Resort Cancun scam prevention team was created to ensure that travelers receive enough information about common scams and how to avoid them, and is offering its top three tips for travel safety and scam prevention during Spring 2015.

The safety and security of travelers is always important to Krystal Resort Cancun, and scam prevention is a key aspect of that. People leave their stress-filled lives and just want to relax during their travels. This relaxed attitude is exactly what scammers are looking for. The Krystal Resort Cancun scam prevention team is offering travelers three important suggestions to help improve their vacations.

Luggage theft

This is a common scam, and one that is often rather easy to execute. What typically happens is that a person is waiting in a lineand a stranger bumps into them and spills food or a drink on them. In the commotion, a thief makes off with the traveler’s luggage while the traveler is distracted by cleaning up what has just happened and talking to the stranger that spilled the food. This not a new scam and it can often be easily avoided. The Krystal Resort Cancun scam prevention team recommends keeping calm and focusing on the surroundings – being aware of what is happening around will ensure that nothing can be taken without the traveler noticing.

Fake wireless networks

With the popularity and prevalence of internet-connected gadgets, many public areas offer free W-Fi. But that may not end up being legitimate. Scammers and hackers can create networks that appear to be official, but they can easily steal information when devices connect to those networks. To avoid having laptops or smartphones affected, it is best to check with staff members to verify what the official hotspot is called and ensure that private information remains private.

Distracting performers

There are street performers to watch and enjoy in many busy tourist areas, but they could be there as a distraction. Be sure that you are aware of any valuables in this type of situation. These performers draw in a crowd, and pickpockets may run through the distracted viewers. That is why it is always best to keep a hand on any valuables when in a crowded area.

Krystal Resort Cancun prides itself on offering top security for their guests to help them enjoy their vacations. With these simple tips, the Krystal Resort Cancun scam prevention Team knows vacation memories will be the best they can be. For more information on booking an unforgettable vacation with Krystal Resort Cancun, visit

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Krystal Resort Shares Cancun’s Best Beaches

Enjoy cancun beaches with Krystal Resort

Krystal Resort Cancun is a leader when it comes to all things vacations, and there are many reasons why travelers consider this to be true. First and foremost, all those who would like to experience their dream trip amongst luxury accommodations on a top of the line property will enjoy spending time here. Secondly, the resort is known for having some of the best amenities around, along with top customer service. Last but not least, spending time in Mexico and the area of Cancun specifically are a great way to bring in the spring, and here are just some of the reasons why.

Travelers who are visiting Cancun during their vacation will surely want to commemorate their trip with a visit to the beach, since there are so many amazing ones to choose from. But some of the best ones require a bit of a journey, since they are a little ways outside the city. Akumal is a small town in the Riviera Maya and is about 60 miles from Cancun, making it at least an hour or so to reach this scenic beach. But travelers who love animals will definitely want to stop by, especially since this beach is nicknamed “Land of the Turtles.” Many sea turtles choose to lay their eggs here, so those who visit never know what they might get the chance to see, perhaps making it worth the extra distance.

For those going through different areas of the country, particularly when visiting the Mayan ruins, Krystal Resort Cancun shares that Paraiso Beach is near the area of Tulum. This beach has been rated one of the top in all of Mexico and also the world, making it one travelers should definitely take time to see during their trip. Clear blue waters, white sands and tranquility await for any who choose to visit the beaches of Cancun, making this a perfect vacation destination.

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Krystal Resorts Scams Seen Declining Due to First-Class Service Initiatives

Cost Value Graph showing high value for increased service levels

Krystal Resorts Makes Scams Decline Due to First-Class Service Initiatives

Scams have undergone a dramatic decrease over the past few months, and Krystal Resorts seeks to continue reducing the impact of travel scams on an international level throughout 2015.

Due to Krystal Resorts, scams diminished during 2014 and vacation-planners can rest easy knowing that their dream vacation will be the experience they have been looking forward to for years. While travel scams are always a threat, by just being informed and alert travelers can easily keep themselves from falling victim to travel fraud and other criminal activity.

Thanks to the efforts of Krystal Resorts, scams that once troubled travelers across the world, no longer are as threatening. There was once a time when travelers were unaware of how a criminal could obtain personal information so easily. Krystal Resorts produced a variety of travel safety advisories during 2014 that warned of all sorts of social media dangers that accompanied vacation experiences. The travelers that were amazed by how easily criminals were able to dig up personal information were shocked to learn that the criminals pulled the information right from their social media accounts. Turns out many people neglect privacy settings on their Facebook pages, allowing anyone with internet access to see their information. If the traveler posted that they were going on vacation, a criminal could see and instantly know that their home is now vacant.

With an impeccable sense of customer service in place, the Krystal Resorts reviewed scams reported during the past year and it was determined that there has been a vast drop in the number of complaints received. This goes to show that the many customer service initiatives taken up during the past year were a success.  The New Year will see a continuation of those customer-friendly mentalities, as Krystal Resorts continues to reinforce their position as a vacation industry-leader.

The decrease of scams and complaints indicates that vacation planners and travelers have heeded the advice provided to them throughout the past year, and have taken into consideration all the common ways that criminals typically attempt to gain access into a person’s financial accounts. This includes deception over the telephone, social media privacy security, and remaining vigilant with personal belongings when traveling.

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